Does Keto Work Without Exercise

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13/02/2017  · In this video, I share how I lost 40 pounds of post-pregnancy weight without exercise due to an injury. Low carb diet that gave me my confidence back.

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I think many people think that way because for them it in fact does work that way. By exercising from the start I have not had any cravings or temptations to cheat, and while the lbs don’t come off as fast the body fat is absolutely melting away.

Last updated on: September 30th, 2019 at 09:09 pm. The answer to the question of does the keto diet work, is an astounding yes! You can achieve real results with a well formulated ketogenic diet.

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Does Keto Diet Work Without Exercise : The ketogenic diet is not a benign, holistic, or natural treatment for epilepsy; as with any serious medical therapy, complications may result. These are generally less severe and less frequent than with anticonvulsant medication or surgery.

If you can’t or won’t exercise, going Keto without it will still benefit you, but hopefully at some point (as you gain the benefits of more energy and your inflammation goes down making it easier to do exercise without pain) you will incorporate it. Exercise has a lot more benefits for your mind and body than just weight loss after all.

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